Monday, March 7, 2016

March 4th Follow Up Links

Hello All,

This post is a follow-up to the March 4th SBPL Day. Below is a list of resources/ideas that we discussed or referred to in our session.

  1. ELL Resource: International Children’s Digital Library (online books in 100’s of languages for free).
  2. Online photos to use as writing prompts:
    1. The “Your Story” competition focuses on photos and first lines as prompts for creative writing. (from Carolyn)
  3. Reading levels and other info on novels: Text Complexity Tool Kit link
      1. FYI There are 2 (10 minute long)  upcoming webinars for how to use the resource: March 30th @ 8AM or March 31 @ 2:15PM. If you can’t make it, you can also sign up to get the recording of the webinar. Use this link for all.
  4. 10 resources for Book Recommendations/Lists For Students Blog post
  5. TedEd Bridge Puzzle (video) Link
  6. To This Day (bullying) Video Link and Project Link
  7. Free online Vocab site (shared by Breanna)
  8. Poetry assignment videos and exemplars (from Tara)
  9. Typography videos, examples (from Tara)
  10. Online tools and apps (you can sort by platform) for Video Creation, DIgital Storytelling, Animation  and Visualization tools
    1. more student exemplars coming...check back for links.  
  11. Upcoming: Tracking Student Writing PD session (by me) on March 10th at central from 4-5:30. If you can’t make it, let me know and I will come to you at a time that works for you. Sign up on PD Place
  12. Google
    1. Read Write Google. I mentioned at the session that I would love to be able to say that all EIPS students are using RW4G. Here is a HOW TO sheet that will walk you through using is.  You can now have kids use the RW4G features when they write on a PDF. If you need more help call me (780) 417-8147 and I can talk you through it or come out to your school.
    2. We talked about Google Research tool in Google Docs. Here is a video tutorial.
    3. Use Revision History Feature in Google Docs to check for Plagiarism

  1. Plickers - the awesome student response tool (the minecraft shapes and cell phone system Crystal and Judy spoke about)
  2. Online tools for citation and research. click here.
  3. BY TEACHERS’ REQUEST: EIPS teachers please enter what texts (novels, poetry, etc) you teach in what grades here.
  4. I will be planning 2 half day Technology camp sessions for EIPS teachers. The days will be practical HANDS ON sessions, where teachers will be asked to create 2 digital objects (movie, etc.) and then share with the group. More info on this is coming. Please complete this form if you are interested in attending. Add any info that you think would help me in planning this day to be most useful to you ( location,etc.).
  5. I will be taking a look at the suggested PD lists you have given me and will provide some follow up in the near future.
  6. Take a look at the ORC. All the stuff is great, but we spoke about the Visual Thesaurus.
  7. FYI : March 3 is International Book Day (planning for next year?)
  8. I am on the search for the ELA curriculum checklist format. [EDIT Found some!]
  9. Please take a moment and upload any resources into our JR ELA shared folder ASAP.

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