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3 Ways to Support Student Selection w/

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Below is a guest post from It is a very brief overview of the resources that are available through their free (to EIPS) database. When you break it down, basically is a resources that provides support fro teachers who are teaching novels. Read below for specifics. 

You will be able to access this resource without a password from all EIPS networks. From home you will need to access through (Via the Online Reference Centre). I (strongly) suggest that you create an account. I know it's a pain, but the resources is worth it IMHO. Try it out and let me know what you think!

Take advantage of resources to assist students in making solid book choices.

Browsing award winning and content specific booklists is one way for students to explore a wide range of books. This will increase the likelihood of them finding a title they will enjoy! Share these links with students:                           Regional Award Lists 

For example, will lead students to a list of almost 4500 titles that have a high quality annotation to provide them with insight into the story.

3. BOOKTRAILERS  leads students to short booktrailers they can view to assist them in selecting a book they will enjoy.

These resources along with original Meet-the-Author Movies and Author Book Readings allow students to base their choices on insider knowledge while enriching their own reading experiences.

Want learn more? Contact: or call 800-596-0710.

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