Friday, May 27, 2016

What Novels in What Grades?

In my travels within the district, a question I have heard a number of times is: what novels are typically studied in what grades....

So I have started to curate lists of novel titles that taught in our district. These lists are not meant to be prescriptive or all inclusive. These are just the titles of books that are often taught in different classrooms across our district. You will note several titles are taught at different levels. The intent of the list is to provide support for teachers and also to help with sharing of resources (when and where preferable and possible). 

I have chosen to curate this data using Because of this, when you click on the lists below you will see titles of novels/plays accompanied by a variety of digital resources that you may find helpful if you teach any of these texts. (I have written about the resource here and here.)

The lists are a work in progress. If I have missed any titles, let me know and I will add...  

I am also collecting titles of poems, short stories, etc. That list will be forthcoming. THANK YOU to all the EIPS teachers who have shared titles with guys are awesome. 


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