Thursday, May 12, 2016

So This One Time at Tech Camp…

On April 27th we held a half day technology camp session for interested secondary teachers. The premise of the Tech Camp session was to introduce several technology tools that teachers could use with students to increase student engagement.

We spoke briefly about the need to focus on students tasks (not specific tools)...acknowledging that there are a lot of different tools available for students to complete tasks; teachers don’t need to know every tool available. But teachers should have a handle on what some of the possibilities are.

We also spoke to the fact that these tasks can (should? will?) be done using a variety of devices, so one of the main links we used to find tools was the Create site, which lists creation tools by task and also allows you to filter the tools by platform (tools for use on a PC or laptop, on an iPad, on an  Android table, or for Chromebooks or browser).

The feedback from the practical hands-on session was very positive. If you would like to take a look at some of the tools we looked at, the handout is embedded below.

p.s. Thanks to Tara C. for her help with the Tech Camp session! She rocks!

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