Monday, January 18, 2016

What is a Library Learning Commons? How do I get one?

Want to improve reading? Increase technology integration? Create makerspaces? Enhance pedagogy... or improve any other facet of your school….the library learning commons could be your answer!

All of these foci (and most others) can be supported by adopting  a library learning commons philosophy in your school. A learning commons is not about shelves with wheels, or even about books. Library learning commons are about improving and supporting teaching and learning in schools. Here are a  few key ideas that were developed in a recent webinar I attended on Library Learning Commons:

  • The library learning commons is philosophy, not just physical location.
  • Every school will (should) have a different way of understanding what a learning commons is.
  • The focus on a learning commons is always on teaching and learning.
  • Supports collaborative planning and teaching.
  • It should work with your school plan and learning goals, not be an ‘add on.’

As you can see from above, a properly set up library learning commons is a powerful positive force on learning. If you are interested in talking or thinking about developing the learning commons approach in your school, you may find the following links interesting:

For those of you who know me, you know I am a LIBRARY LOVER and a part of that means I love talking about libraries and learning commons. If you would like to continue this conversation, please give me a shout.


P.S.  A note about the webinar:
The webinar I attended was the first of a six-part series entitled,  “How Does the New Policy Influence Us in Our Daily Learning Commons Adventures?" offered by the CRCPD. There are 5 more webinars in this series. The next one is Jan 28 @4:30.  I will continue to host them at central office. Contact me if you are interested in joining me. A link to a recording of the Jan 14th presentation is here.

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