Thursday, January 28, 2016

Censorship, Banning, Freedom and All Things Canadian...

It’s almost February. My favourite library month because with February comes Freedom To Read Week (Feb 21-27). It’s a week to talk about intellectual freedom, free speech and how those basic principles uphold our democratic society. Freedom to Read is at the very heart of most of things we hold dear in this society...

In my experience as a teacher, teacher-librarian and general person-at-large in society, I have always found the topics of censorship and freedom to be highly engaging with most demographic groups in society (almost everyone has an opinion on banning, censorship, freedom and rights).

I hope that this month, my educator friends out there will take some time to bring Freedom to Read week to the attention of their students and learning communities. I urge you to highlight book banning in as many ways as possible so our students can develop their own opinions about what Freedom to Read should mean and look like in our society.

Here are (just a few) interesting links about Freedom to Read Week (FTR) and Censorship:

Here is Sherman Alexie  speaking about book banning. He is the 2014 Most Challenged author in the USA.  (1:36 minutes).

If you would like more FTR resources, give me a shout. Or if you have some FTR resources or ideas to share, I’d love to hear them. Please send them my way!

Stay Reading (whatever you want),

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