Friday, April 21, 2017

5 Resources To Know About if You Work For EIPS

It’s been a bit since I last posted. The reason for that is that EIPS teachers have been hard at work doing awesome things and I have been busy at work curating other digital repositories. So, today I wanted to take a moment to talk about some of that work. For future reference, these sites and resources are all linked to this blog.

EIPS has two cohorts of secondary teachers that are working together to explore the topics of CHOICE and INDEPENDENT READING in secondary classrooms. We have been using Penny Kittle’s Book Love as one of the cornerstones in the project.  Some of the questions that brought us together were:

  • Do you struggle with getting your students to actually read the books you assign?
  • How do I get kids to be excited about reading?
  • How do I challenge every reader in my class?

These groups of teachers  have been working to create materials that support Independent Reading in classes...and in which in fact, support all kinds of reading. The site is constantly evolving and  is definitely worth a look-see. It houses resources on the following topics:

2. Discipline Literacy Site Support Site

This site was created to support the “But I Am Not A Reading Teacher” session for content teachers. It is still in its infancy and I expect it will grow. Currently, it houses a variety of resources that secondary content teachers may find interesting as they think about what literacy looks like in their specific subject areas. Here is a brief overview of the resources it hosts:

3. Literacy Strategies Site

This very practical  site is linked to the top of this blog. Here I post cool ready-to-use  literacy strategies. The site has no particular order...but there is a list down the right hand side of the site. This site is a good place to go “shopping” for some literacy ideas. Most of the ones I post here involve movement or are targeting  specific skills we know support literacy development. Each entry will link to resources, examples, videos, etc.

4. The Mighty Book Smackdown

Think reading meets March Madness. In this tournament style competition, books face down each other until there is one winner. The Mighty Smackdown started this year in March and will wrap up by June. The site is home for EIPS teachers’ musings and reviews of recent YA fiction. It’s a lively community of teacher-readers blogging about books for students. Here are the books in this year’s tournament. And Here are the blog posts so far.

5. ASLC Lit Picks

This is not an EIPS created site, but it is pretty awesome. This is a site, created by the Alberta School Learning Commons Council, is the home to a ton of book reviews for students in K-12. The reviewers are all Alberta teachers and the book reviews are based on the following:
  • Curricular Connections
  • Engagment of Story
  • Readability
  • Descriptive Language
  • Illustration Excellence
  • Non- Fiction texts: integrity of data and source

Hope you find something useful in the links above. Please feel free to send me comments or suggestions.



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