Monday, October 17, 2016

Using Text-to-Speech With Scanned PDF Documents


Do you have a PDF file that you want to have students access using text-to-speech?

Using Read Write 4 Google:

1. Open the PDF in the drive. 
2. Click on the RW4G puzzle piece in your browser.
3. Click the Screen Shot 2016-09-09 at 8.44.39 AM.pngbutton to activate the screenshot reader. Use it to draw a box around any text that normally cannot be highlighted, such as in images and some PDFs. The text will be converted to audio.  

As a note, you can also use Read Write for Google with PDF files to have kids WRITE/TYPE on the file and then have the file save with the student's writing on the PDF file. I recommend this document to EIPS folks who want a simple tutorial of how to use all the features in RW4G. Thanks to Jon Thomas who helps  keep this document current!

Another Cool Option:

If you have information in a PDF document, you can use the above to get RW4G to access it as is....but sometimes those PDF documents aren't exactly formatted the correct way. In that case, try this: 

This YouTube video tutorial shows how you can take text from a scanned image and convert it to text you can manipulate using Microsoft One Note...which I think it PRETTY, SUPER AWESOME. If you convert the PDF to text, you could then just cut and paste the text into a google doc, or word doc and the then you could use RW4G with that text, as described above.  The video is about  2 minutes long and is worth a watch. 

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