Wednesday, September 14, 2016

(FREE) New Digital Resourcesfor Secondary Classes to Support Differentiation

Here are some of the NEW FREE DIGITAL Resources that are available to you. These resources have been matched to Alberta curriculum, are high quality, and are free for any Alberta student or teacher. Although these resources are excellent in any context, consider using them especially if you:

  • are looking for differentiated curriculum content
  • want easy to use content for with assistive technology accommodations like Read Write for Google.
  • are teaching student who are bringing their own personal devices
  • want to incorporate more technology into your class
  • want content to post in your Google Classroom or on your eteacher sites
  • are looking for a replacement for Discovery Education videos (EIPS is no longer paying for a district license, although you may still have a school license).  

Curriculum Video On Demand (Grades 7-12).
  • Access over 17 000 full length curriculum videos
  • Searchable database
  • Create playlists, clips and video mash-ups using the video segments and sharing tools embedded in the resource.
  • Full transcripts with real aloud and text translation features included for every video.

ScienceFLIX, (Grades 4-9)
  • Every article includes three adjustable reading levels to support differentiation
  • every article provides introductory videos to build/activate background knowledge and embedded read aloud support.
  • Multiple text types
  • hands-on projects,
  • science news with study guides and educator lessons plans
  • Topics Include: Earth Science, Life Science, Physical Science, Space Science, Health and Human Body, as well as Tech, Math and Engineering.  

Britannica School, Grades K-12  
  • 141 000 encyclopedia articles
  • educational videos, images, magazine articles and learning games.
  • two to three adjustable reading levels for each article enables differentiated access
  • read-aloud features (with highlighting text) and text translation (50 languages)
  • Canada In Focus is a section devoted to articles about significant Canadian people, places, and history.
  • Britannica ImageQuest with  over 3 000 000 copyright friendly images covering every subject area in one easy click.

These resoruces are available via --> Online Reference Centre. You will need the district ID and Password to  enter. I'm not allowed to post those credentials online, but I can  email them to you. Your school library will also have them.

The resources above will be available as of Thursday, Sept 15, 2016. There are several other resources available. Thanks to Jamie Davis, ORC Coordinator, for providing information on the ORC updates.

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