Friday, April 15, 2016

April 15th Follow Up links

This post is a follow-up to the April 15th SBPL Day. Below is a list of resources/ideas that we discussed or referred to in our session.

  1. Creation of a Google Share Folder for HS ELA teachers. The folder was created to be a  repository for shared resources. So far, we have stuff on Animal Farm, Satire, and more…

  1. Online resources for a “virtual” Shakespeare field trips. The two sites in particular that we discussed were the Virtual Globe Theater link and the Interactive Folio: Romeo and Juliette.

  1. Tour Builder - Put your story on the easy-to-use site that allows students to layer images and paragraphs on top of  maps….good for virtual field trips, book explorations, etc.

  1. automotivator.pngAutomotivator - A simple image tool where you can upload your own image/photo and add a slogan or statement below it. You can then print your own motivational poster for free (see image for example).

  1. J. Weston Walch books were recommended as a good teacher resource!

  1. Kahoot - engaging student response tool. Use the Question Library  or create your own.

  1. Resources for book selection
    1. Blog post with 9 resources for recommending books - including the Literature Map tool
    2. Teaching - teaching resources to support teaching novels in class, including book trailers and other multimedia resources to support instruction.

  1. My Blog - a collection of my thinking, odds 'n ends, etc.

  1. The Mighty Book Smackdown - EIPS teachers blogging about NEW YA Literature

  1. Redos and Rewrites  

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