Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Could a literacy goal be this simple?

So in my role as a Literacy Consultant, I am sometimes asked about school literacy goals...The other day I was (re)reading Penny Kittle’s book entitled Book Love. It’s a great read for anyone who is interested in promoting reading and a love of books.

Anyhow, in the book she writes,“…the reality is that [secondary] students will read 6.5 texts a year…we must aim higher. Let’s start with at least 25 books a year, grade 6-12, so that students reach the goal of 175-200 books in adolescence. Many will read more…”

It got me to wonder, could a literacy goal be that simple?  Could we simply say that every child will read 25 books a year?

It’s simple, measurable, rooted in encouraging good reading practice….hmmmm?

Anyhow, it made me think about literacy goals in a different way and I just wanted to share my little moment.

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