Friday, November 27, 2015

Enter the Madman

I’ve been intending to start this blog “for real” for a long time now….but I keep thinking “I’ll wait and do it later...when I have time.” HA HA if there is ever enough time.

All this procrastinating about how to get the blog started right, titled right, worded right, kind of left me paralyzed….and consequently, with no blog posts and no blog.

Today, I’m running to meetings and school visits and I thought again to myself that I don't have time to write a proper “first blog post” the exact right way. As I struggled over writing (not writing) this blog post, I was reminded of an article I read at the beginning of my career entitled “Madman, Architect, Carpenter, Judge: Roles and the Writing Process.” It’s a great quick read.

It talks about the writing process...the Madman who has the ideas great  (that don’t necessarily  make sense), the Architect, who orders the ideas, the Carpenter who nails things into place, and THEN the Judge comes out to evaluate. In class I used this personification of the writing process to get students to keep the Judge out of the process until the very end. The point of writing, I would say to students, is to just write. JUST WRITE. The rest will come. And so, that’s what I’m saying to myself here.

Welcome to my blog. It is meant to be a vehicle to communicate thinking, learning and resources about secondary literacy and school libraries. Fair Warning: there’s probably gonna be a lot of madman stuff posted here...because the Judge sometimes doesn't have time to come out and play.



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